An Insight Into Dental Apprenticeships


Apprenticeships are the training programs intended to provide training and excelling the skills needed in various fields. Dental apprenticeships are training programs for creating skilled dental assistants and technicians. The programs need some classroom studies, but more of on-the-job training. Apprenticeships programs are nationally recognized and certify the apprentices upon completion of courses.

Who can get enrolled and for how long?

Apprenticeships also provide an earning as helping hands while learning. So, anyone interested in dentistry can after high school graduation get him/herself enrolled in Dental apprenticeships programs. Generally, the length of dental apprenticeships programs is 24 months. Depending upon the high school grades, the length of the program may vary.

Roles and Responsibilities of a dental apprentice:

The skills and techniques an apprentice learn during the course become the responsibilities after an apprenticeship as a dental care professional.

Major skills learned are:
  • Oral anatomy: This is taught both in the classroom and in the field. A dental care provider can offer his/her help to the dental professional only if he/she is well aware of the medical terminology used and of the anatomy.
  • Assisting dental professionals: Providing the dental professional with any equipment in hand while he/she is working on a patient needs a proper understanding of what they might need when to provide and how to handle.
  • Handling dental equipment: This is done to teach them how to clean, sterilize and stock the dental equipment making them absolutely ready for the next visitor. Training is also given to take dental X-rays and using other equipment.
  • Handling medical emergencies: Healthcare has emergencies to be met with and handling them with proper care and support needs to be added as a part of the program.
  • Communication with patients and providing them with any additional support. Also scheduling their appointments.
Preventive measures are taken in the spread of diseases.

Job prospects:

Dental apprentices on completion of the apprenticeship program can pursue their career in oral healthcare as:
  • Dental assistant
  • Dental nurse
  • Dental lab technician